Built & Spaces


We are Built & Spaces. the creators of component-led
spaces and our own Modern Method of Construction.

Our unique Built & Spaces metal frame, designed for durability, affordability and adaptability.

make better.

At Built & Spaces we recognise the growing demand for innovative, conscientious spaces across the UK, and the struggle many providers encounter when attempting to fulfil this need. The desire to offer a space for everyone and meet a rapid build time. A space with a sense of style and a social conscience. A build with fixed costs, yet adaptability.

Thankfully, we’ve entered the field demanding these qualities from ourselves from the get-go.

Just one of our many floor finishes: handcut and polished from African Mahogany off cuts.

Committing to environmental and sustainable approaches in every part of our process, our method is engineered to minimise waste all-round, while reducing manufacturing and build lead times. Not only will the planet be happy, your neighbours will be too with no cutting, drilling or heavy machinery on site.

By creating a space with us, you will be approaching the housing market in a new and exciting way. Our approach to construction gives you a more economic build, from a starting point that is capable of change and that works alongside your personal demands.

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