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1. contact us

Via our online form, telephone or email.

2. configuration

Select from a pre-configured, off the shelf space or create a unique custom space with our team. Off the shelf comes with off the shelf prices and delivery info making it simple to purchase. Custom spaces go to quotation stage when configuration is complete.

3. quotation

A detailed quote and estimated delivery date is generated according to the configuration and specification. Built & Spaces will present you with finance options and our terms and conditions. Built and Spaces provide planning application support, drawings and technical information to help you through your planning. (Planning applications and approval remains the responsibility of the customer).

4. order

Deposit payment is requested and order confirmation is generated. Built & Spaces will contact you to set dates for the foundation installation.

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5. production

Six to eight weeks production time. Production Payment will be requested prior to production. When production is complete your space is then prepped for delivery.

6. foundations

Built & Spaces will contact you two days prior to foundation installation to confirm and arrange arrival times and access. Foundation installation typically takes 1-2 days dependant on site conditions and scale.

7. delivery

Once the foundations are in place Built & Spaces will contact you to confirm times and access for the installation. Delivery payment requested prior to delivery.

8. installation

Delivery of your components arrive on site and the Built & Spaces Installation Team begin work. Installation takes 2-4 days dependant on scale.

9. completion

Once the installation has been completed Built & Spaces will request that you inspect your new space with our Installation Team. When satisfied you sign for delivery and completion. Built & Spaces obtain and provide building regulation completion certificate. Final payment requested upon practical completion.

10. customer service

Built & Spaces will provide all product information and aftercare instructions. You will be contacted twice after installation as part of our follow up service plan, typically this will be after two weeks and after six months.

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