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Our spaces are built with you in mind; today and into the future. Whether you are looking for a holiday home that is custom made to make the most of your location, a dynamic office space that can grow with your business, a place for your loved ones to call home or a practical solution to your accommodation demand, we have a space for you.

Our handpicked suppliers offer design options across a full range of styles: modern or rustic, minimalistic or cozy, hi-tech or back to basics, we can help you create the space that speaks to you.

We are the total package, from design to construction, which is why there is no need for architects when you work with us. Already have an architect? We can work together with them to deliver the construction of your existing design.

Our bespoke quote configuration tool means we can create a rapid individual itemised costing for you based on all the specific details of your plan. This tool doesn’t just price up the cost for the walls, doors and windows, rather it also allows you to select your individual light fittings, appliances and finishes, both inside and out.

Browse below to see the range of off the shelf spaces available.
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one bed home.

£ 68,000

two bed home.


three bed home.


four bedroom home.


four bed home.


six bedroom home.


eight bedroom home.


one bed accomodation.


two bed accomodation.


one bed holiday home.


two bed holiday home.


three bed holiday home.


four bed holiday home.


music studio small.


music studio medium.


music studio large.






evolving multiple room.


multiple room care.


combat gym small.


cardio gym small.


combat gym medium.


cardio gym medium.


combat gym large.


cardio gym large.


The only thing that limits you is your imagination.
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